Extended Car Warranty: Is It Worth It?

Posted Monday, Dec 06, 2021

Protecting your used vehicle with an extended car warranty is like having a layer of insurance against things that can go wrong. With rising car repairs and endless wait times, taking your car into the shop is similar to going to the doctor’s office. Luckily, if you purchase a vehicle with us, you are covered on all fronts!

What is an extended car warranty?

With a vehicle protection plan like an extended car warranty, your vehicle’s maintenance needs are taken care of. Most warranties cover some repair costs and labor maintenance fees. But ours? We cover so much more!

At City Wide Motors we offer you a free 12-month, 12,000-mile powertrain warranty. Why 12 months? Because we offer a unique buy here pay here and lease here pay here program. Our average lease lasts about 2 years at which time you can trade the car in for a nicer newer car! The short-term program allows us to give you a free warranty for a year.

Why do I need an extended car warranty?

There are varying opinions on why and why not to get an extended warranty, but the bottom line is it’s like health insurance on your car. Especially with a used vehicle. A protection plan is not just for your car, it’s for your wallet too.

Different programs offer certain benefits so it’s necessary to look at all the pros and cons – especially the fine print.

Some programs will offer free oil changes, some will limit repairs while others will cover accidental damage only. The terms vary too so be sure to check all the details and weigh it with the responsibility on your part as well as the hit to your wallet.

What are the pros and cons of an extended car warranty?

It’s tempting to say no when asked if you want extended car warranty coverage on anything. But considering the cost of vehicle repairs, a tight economy, not to mention the safety of you and your passengers, it should be something to carefully consider.

Pros of extended coverage include:

  • Saving money on repairs.
  • Most programs come with a routine maintenance package, so the car stays healthy.
  • Peace of mind knowing that if something does go wrong, the extended coverage has your back.
  • Dealers usually take care of all the paperwork.

Cons of extended coverage include:

  • Some feel you pay more than you get from a plan. You may never use it.
  • The warranties don’t cover everything.

  • Some plans may require approved service providers.

How do I choose an extended car warranty plan?

Since each buy here pay dealership offers various options, you’ll want to scrutinize the details. Take a minute to think about what you want and how you will benefit from it.

In the contract, ask yourself:

  • Are you limited to certain mechanics and shops?
  • Does it cover everything or just a few things?
  • How long do you have to wait after your manufacturer’s warranty expires for your extended coverage to activate?
  • Do you get perks like oil changes, tire rotations, etc.?

If you go through a third party for your warranty it helps to do some research on the company. For example:

  • Does the warranty company have a good 'Better Business Review Rating'?
  • How are their Google reviews?
  • How long do you plan to keep the vehicle?
  • What is your history with car repairs and maintenance?
  • How are claims paid?
  • What is the deductible?

Asking these questions of yourself and of the plan will help you make wise choices as you navigate the options.

What is so great about City Wide Motors’s extended warranty plan?

Because City Wide Motors has a bumper-to-bumper inspection that all our used cars go through, we are confident in our vehicle’s health and offer a complete powertrain warranty.

That means your vehicle’s internally lubricated parts like the engine block, heads, and intake/exhaust manifolds are covered! This package also includes a limited power train transmission warranty that covers all internally lubricated parts: gear cases and housings.

You also get free oil changes for the life of the lease!

Keeping your engine healthier and your car lasting longer keeps your driving experience better. City Wide Motors stands behind all their vehicles so you can trust any of our used cars and get the security of a safe vehicle that will keep you driving your dream.